Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Singapore among top 5 travel spots

English: A montage of various Singapore images.
English: A montage of various Singapore images. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Singapore among top 5 travel spots: A New study has ranked Singapore among the top five most popular travel destinations in the world for this year.The MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index, released on Monday by MasterCard ...
According to the MasterCard study, the biggest spenders in Singapore this year will be from London, Jakarta and Hong Kong. Travelers from those cities are expected to spend between US$867 million and US$1.39 billion.
The largest number of travellers to Singapore is expected to come from Jakarta (1.05 million), Hong Kong (690,000), London (616,000) and Manila (616,000).
With the Olympics being held in London next month, the British capital can expect some 16.9 million visitors, putting it on top of the MasterCard study.
Paris is second with 16 million visitors. In third place is Bangkok, with 12.2 million visitors.
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