Sunday, October 2, 2011

Revolution is Happening in the USA

Revolution is Happening in the USA:

'Basically highlighting the economic plight taking hold of the country, the protesters of the 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement are seeking to introduce the factors behind the plight.

One of the posts on the Occupy Wall Street website reads: “We are unions, students, teachers, veterans, first responders, families, the unemployed and underemployed. We are all races, sexes and creeds. We are the majority. We are the 99 percent. And we will no longer be silent.”

The protesters have targeted the Wall Street because they want “to create a national narrative and have it be known how the states are taking state revenues that are being funneled to banks and corporations and then you layer on top of that the fact that they're not obligated to pay their fair share of taxes, and so that's billions and billions of dollars that could be put toward job creation and creating solutions to the housing crisis,” Rachel Laforest, the executive director of the Right to the City Alliance has told ABC News.'

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