Saturday, October 8, 2011

Economics and Investing:

The problem of economic crisis 2011.

Economics and Investing::
Silver Prices Beaten Down By a Strong Dollar
Chris G. recommended this: California and Bust . Chris notes that this article was recently referenced by Rush Limbaugh and in Zero Hedge.

Quick Fix In Europe? Dream On

Items from The Economatrix:
The End Of The Inflation/Deflation Debate
There is No Plan to Fix The Economy
Economists Agree: We Are in a Depression
From California to New York, the Tide of Protests Keeps Rising
Some observations (circa 2007) from the late Derry Brownfield: Our Land is Collateral for the National Debt.
Occupy Wall Street: The Word is Getting Out
More People Sought Unemployment Aid Last Week
Is US Economy Flirting with Modern-day Depression?

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